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Product description

SEBS elastomer as a collective material,grafting MAH (Maleic anhydride ) the product has good fluidity, good temperature resistance and aging resistance

Typical application

1. Elastomer modification such as TPE/TPR can be used for encapsulating nylon, etc.
2. Engineering plastics toughening agent compatibilizer
3. Modified Asphalt
4. Adhesive

Product Melt index(190℃,50kg) g/10min Grafting ratio Density(g/㎤) Characterisitic
W1G 2-9 Medium 0.91 Encapsulated nylon, compatible and toughened with high temperature materials

Product information

SEBS polymer is grafted with maleic anhydride. It is a compatibilizer prepared by reactive melt grafting. It can be used as a toughening agent for AS, ABS, PC and other materials.

The methods of PE grafting MAH

Grafting and modification of SEBS is an important way to expand the application range of SEBS and has broad application prospects. SEBS graft is not only an excellent plastic modifier and compatibilizer, but also can be used alone to meet the needs of different occasions, used in adhesives, coatings, plastic modifiers, automotive parts, wires and cables , food, medical and other fields. At present, the research on free radical graft modification of SEBS at home and abroad has developed to a certain depth, and some functionalized SEBS products have also been industrialized. With the increasing application of SEBS, people's demand for functionalized SEBS products will continue to increase. Appropriate grafting methods are used to perform specific functionalization of SEBS. At the same time, the grafting technology should be further diversified to overcome the disadvantages in the synthesis reaction process. factor in order to obtain better grafting effect, which has both social and economic significance.

Scope of application

SEBS is often added to the blending system as a compatibilizer and toughening agent. In order to increase the blending compatibility with the polymer and reduce the interfacial tension, it is necessary to carry out grafting solution modification or blending solution modification on SEBS.

The most common SEBS modification method is to graft it with maleic anhydride (MAH) to increase the molecular polarity, making it compatible with some polymers.

[such as polyamide (PA)] compatibility, many research results show that SEBS-g--MAH is a good reactive compatibilization of PPO/PA66 blends, which effectively improves the interaction between the PPO/PA66 phase interface force, making the dispersed phase in the base particles smaller and uniform, becoming a stable sub-microscopic dispersion state. The addition of SEBS... gMAH has a good effect on the tensile strength, flexural strength and Izod notched impact strength of PPO/PA66 alloy. There is an improvement, but the rigidity and heat resistance are slightly reduced, and the cost of the alloy is greatly increased; therefore, the use of 5~10 parts of SEBS-g--MAH can obtain a PPO/PA66 alloy with excellent comprehensive properties. With SEBS-g-MAH - With the addition of g- -MAH, the glass transition temperature of PA66 in the blend system increases, and the glass transition temperature of PPO decreases, whether PPO is the continuous phase or PA66 is the continuous phase, and SEBS- g- - As the MAH increases, the greater the change in glass transition temperature.


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