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Product description

PPO-g-MAH, mainly used for PPO/PA, PPO/HIPS, PPO/HIPS/PA Alloy compatibilizer, which can effectively improve the compatibility and dispersion of each component, especially suitable for the compatibility of PPO/PA, PPO/HIPS, PPO/HIPS/PA alloy reinforcement materials, and improve the tensile strength, impact properties and HDT.

Typical application

1. Alloy compatibilizer

2. Enhancement and enhancement of flame retardant nucleating synergist

Model Melt index 280℃ 2.16kgg/10min Grafting rate Characteristic
CS-1 8.0-15.0 High Ppo base material, high strength


The above data are typical values tested and should not be construed as specification

Low < 0.4 wt %, Medium 0.4 - 0.8 wt %, High > 0.8 wt %

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