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Chemically functionalized polypropylene with high content of maleic anhydride increase adhesive properties for multiple fillers

Model No.: B1A

B1A is a chemically functionalized polypropylene with high content of maleic anhydride.

Test itemTest dataTest method
density0.92 g/cm³ASTM D792  ISO 1183
Melting index80-110(190℃,2.16kg)g/10minASTM D1238  ISO 1133
Grafting rateHighacid-base titration
Appearencewhite or light yellow Granular
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Product Introduction of the B1A

B1A is a chemically functionalized polypropylene with high content of maleic anhydride. Grafted maleic anhydride brings polarity to base polymer and outstanding bond character on different fillers, such as glass fiber, mineral filler or natural fibres.
It could be used as compatibilizer for Polypropylene and Polyamide to make PP/PA blends. It could also be used as a coupling agent for glass fiber reinforced Polypropylene, or called PP/GF composites. The high MFR of B1A could ensure the coupling agent with a good fluidity during the process in twin-screw extruder.

Table1:Typical Data of Reinforcing of PP Glass Fiber
Tensile strengthMPa4585
Flexual strengthMPa70135
Lzod notched impact strength (23℃)J/m60120
Table2:Typical Data of Reinforcing of PP Mineral Fiber
Tensile strengthMPa2835
Flexual strengthMPa5060
Lzod notched impact strength (23℃)J/m5036

Note:The data above are all experimental typical values, only for reference .

Pakaging and storage:20KG kraft paper bag with internal plastic bag, This product shall be treated as non-hazardous article and be stored or transported under dry conditions, avoid sunlight and rain.

The dose:3-10%, which can be increased or decreased according to the actual application, taking into account the cost


B1A is propene polymer with functionalized maleic anhydride,which is especially suitable for the reinforcing and compatibilizing of PP mineral fiber and glass fiber.


1. Be used as the PP interface modifier for glass fiber reinforcing and mineral filling to increase the tensile strenth and bending strength.
2. Be used as PA/PP or PA/PE alloy compatibilizer.
3. It can be used as a compatibilizer between inorganic reinforcing materials (glass fiber) and filling materials (calcium carbonate, talc, etc.) and PP;
4. Can be used as PP extrusion sheet / plate surface improver, can effectively improve the material surface level up degree, eliminate material surface concave and convex and pitting;
5. Can be used as a compatibilizer for PP / nylon alloy:
6. Can be used as wood-plastic compatibilizer;
7.  It can be used to improve the adhesion of PP to polar materials (metal, nylon, etc.).


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