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Product description

POE-g-GMA is a random styrene-acrylonitrile-glycidyl methacrylate terpolymer with a white and transparent particle appearance.

Typical application

1. Compatibility and toughening of PBT/PET/PC and alloy materials

2. Improve the impact property of polyester material and its alloy compatibility

Model Melt index190℃ 2.16kgg/min Grafting ratio Densityg/cm² Characteristic
W5A 3-8 High 0.88 High reactivity
W5A-2 3-8 High 0.88 High reactivity
W5AD 3-8 High 0.88 Low residue, low odor
W5B 3-8 High 0.91 Polyester, polycarbonate chain extender
W5D 8-16 High 0.92 Cost-effective
W5F 10-18 High 0.89 High flow compatibilizer


The above data are typical values tested and should not be construed as specification Low < 0.4 wt %, Medium 0.4 - 0.8 wt %, High > 0.8 wt %

Product information

W5 series is prepared by reaction of polyolefin (PO) and glycidyl methacrylate (GMA) with high reactivity. It is mainly used for compatibility and toughening of PBT, PET, PC and alloy materials. The reactivity of GMA is higher than that of MAH, which can effectively improve the impact properties and alloy compatibility of polyester materials.

THe methods of POE grafting MAH

With the increase of the amount of GMA, the grafting rate of POE-g-GMA gradually increased, and the melt flow rate gradually decreased: with the increase of the amount of initiator, the grafting rate also increased; at the same time, with the reaction temperature and reaction time changes, the grafting rate changes accordingly. Adding POE-g-GMA as a toughening agent to polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and PBT, respectively, can significantly improve the toughness of these two materials, resulting in a "super tough" blend:
With the increase of POE-g-GMA content, the size of POE-g-GMA in the PBT matrix became smaller, and the crystallinity of PBT gradually decreased.

After POE_g-GMA was blended with PP/APP (ammonium polyphosphate), the toughness of the mixture was improved at high temperature and low temperature, and the addition of POE-g-GMA increased the crystallization rate of PP/APP and reduced the Its crystallization temperature and final crystallinity. It is believed that with the research and development of the majority of scientific researchers, POE-g-GMA will be applied in a wider field.

Scope of application

Polyolefin Elastomer (POE) is a new thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer 16 with narrow relative molecular mass distribution and narrow comonomer distribution, which was successfully developed by US DOW Chemical Company with metallocene as catalyst, and its structure is controllable.

Its octene content is 20%-30%, the POE main chain is saturated, has excellent aging resistance and UV resistance, and has a low density, a very narrow relative molecular mass distribution, and a certain degree of crystallinity. In its structure, crystalline polyethylene (PE) exists in the side chains of amorphous comonomers, the crystalline PE links serve as physical cross-linking points to bear the load, and the long amorphous ethylene and octene chains provide elasticity.

This special The morphological structure makes POE have special properties and a wide range of uses. POE can be used as both a rubber and a thermoplastic, and as an impact modifier for plastics. The main application areas are wire and cable, automotive parts, fabric coatings, toughening agents, etc.

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