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Why we are passionate about the modification industry, read on and you'll understand

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Nowadays, plastic products are more and more widely used in our lives, and many people are interested in the plastics industry, but they are curious about plastic modification, so let me introduce you to the modification industry ~

01What is plastic modification

1.The concept of plastic modification

All through the physical, mechanical and chemical effects of the resin can be improved by the original properties can be called plastic modification. The meaning of plastic modification is very broad, in the modification process, that is, physical changes can occur, can also occur chemical changes. Plastic modification is also a wide range of applications, almost all plastic properties can be improved through modification methods, such as plastic appearance, transparency, density, precision, processability, mechanical properties, chemical properties, electromagnetic properties, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, wear resistance, hardness, thermal properties, flame retardancy, barrier properties and cost.

Second, the classification of plastic modification

Classification according to whether the chemical reaction occurs

This classification method can be divided into physical and chemical modification of plastic modification of two categories.

Physical modification of plastics refers to the entire modification process does not occur in the chemical reaction or only a very small degree of chemical reaction of a class of modification methods. Physical modification of plastics mainly relies on the physical interaction between different components, such as adsorption, complexation or hydrogen bonding, as well as the force deformation of the entire component itself and morphological changes to achieve the purpose of modification.

Chemical modification of plastics refers to a modification process in which the main chain of polymer macromolecules, branched chains, side chains and macromolecular chains between the chemical reaction of a modification method. Chemical modification of plastics includes copolymerisation between different monomers, grafting of macromolecular chains, cross-linking between macromolecular chains and functional group reactions on macromolecular chains.

02 What are the benefits of choosing plastic modification?

The main advantage of plastic materials compared to other materials is that they have good overall performance. One material can meet several or even dozens of different properties at the same time. It has the advantages of light weight, high specific strength, easy moulding and processing and good corrosion resistance. But plastic itself also has a number of fatal disadvantages. For example, it has poor heat resistance, most plastics are not flame-resistant (only PTFE, rigid PVC, PVC and polyphenylene sulfide are flame-retardant), poor processing accuracy and easy ageing.

The purpose of plastic modification is to improve its inherent disadvantages, add new functions and reduce costs.

03 Development of plastic modification

I. Industrial policies support the development of modified plastics

The Chinese government has adopted a series of policies and initiatives aimed at encouraging the development of China's modified plastics industry and increasing the application of modified plastics materials in the fields of power tools, automobiles, home appliances, electronics and electrical appliances, etc. Modified plastics, including engineering plastics, have been categorized as a priority industrialization area by a series of government guidelines or development plans.

Second, the downstream market is vast and demand is growing

Modified plastics are used in many fields, and the rapid development of downstream applications is bound to have a great pulling effect on the plastics industry. Along with the improvement of residents' consumption level and the promotion of consumption upgrade, residents' demand for power tools, automobiles, home appliances, electronic and electrical market segments show personalized, customized, intelligent characteristics, the downstream areas of high-end modified plastics demand to further strengthen.

Third, the downstream product technology upgrade and green low-carbon development will drive the development of the industry

Under the guidance of the national environmental protection policy, the technology upgrade and green development of the modified plastics industry will become one of the main development directions of the industry. With the downstream industry's increasingly stringent requirements for product environmental protection, some of the products with low technical content or do not meet environmental requirements are expected to be gradually replaced by modified plastics materials with better performance and more environmentally friendly requirements, the future, the general trend of green low-carbon development will continue to promote the development of the modified plastics industry.


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