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There are two reasons why the development trend of PA66 modified nylon is good

Time : 2023-03-29 Hits : 5

PA66 modified nylon is a very important species inside the engineering plastics, with a strong vitality, therefore promoting a process of engineering plastics high performance, PA66 modified nylon future development trend is as follows:

☞ Increase in market demand

The market demand for high-strength and high-rigidity nylon is likely to increase, and new reinforcing materials, such as inorganic whisker reinforced, carbon fiber reinforced PA is likely to become a more important category, mainly for automotive engines, mechanical parts and aviation equipment parts.

☞ Alloying of nylon is becoming a trend

Alloying of nylon is likely to become the mainstream for the development of modified engineering plastics. Alloying nylon is an important method of achieving high performance in nylon, and is the main method of producing nylon as a specialised raw material and improving its properties. Thus, blending with other polymers to improve its water absorption properties, increase the dimensional stability of the product and improve its low temperature brittleness, heat resistance and abrasion resistance makes it suitable for different demanding applications in automobiles.

PA66 modified nylon is very popular in the country, the main reason is that after modification to achieve high performance, in addition there are automotive, electrical appliances, communications, electronics industry, machinery and other industries to put forward higher requirements for product performance, related industries are developing rapidly.


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