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Sinopec released its own intellectual property rights POE products

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Recently, it was reported that Sinopec officially released a series of new products of "Specialized and Specialized New" at the 35th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition. Among them, POE elastomer adopts Sinopec's self-developed complete set of technology from catalyst to product processing and application, and has started to build industrial plants.

Sinopec is the first domestic technology patent holder with independent intellectual property rights of POE complete sets.

POE is a polyolefin elastomer, one of the lowest density synthetic materials, with good processing performance, easy recycling performance, production and processing application process is more green compared to rubber, can be widely used in automotive, building materials, medical and health fields, is a new generation of photovoltaic film preparation of key core materials.

POE is produced by solution polymerization process using metallocene catalyst, and Sinopec has built POE catalyst system with independent intellectual property rights. Previously, foreign companies had tight patent coverage on POE catalyst structure, and its production technology was monopolized by foreign companies for a long time, and the products were completely dependent on imports.

Sinopec has taken the advantage of large group operations, led by the Science and Technology Department of the Group, and organized the research institute to carry out laboratory research since 2010, followed by engineering technology development, which has broken through a number of technical and engineering problems and formed a complete set of POE technology from independent catalyst to product processing application.

In September 2022, the 1000 tons/year POE pilot plant in Sinopec Maoming Branch successfully opened up the process and produced qualified products.

In addition to POE, Sinopec's "Specialized and New" series of new products include: polyethylene for breathable and matte films, metallocene polypropylene, polybutene-1, new barrier materials, artificial wood and other products.

These products have excellent performance in terms of performance, application, innovation and environmental protection, and can meet customers' needs in different application scenarios and bring good end-customer consumption experience, fully demonstrating Sinopec's exploration and innovation in packaging, medical and health, functional materials, etc., providing better integrated solutions for various industries.


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