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KRAIBURG TPE offers a full range of TPE solutions for anti-slip mats

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KRAIBURG TPE material solutions from KRAIBURG TPE® meet the requirements of automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide for high-performance materials and soft-touch surfaces for automotive interior applications.

Anti-slip mats are a necessary interior accessory designed to prevent items or accessories such as cell phones, glasses, keys, etc. from slipping off while driving. As TPE material is suitable for both functional and design element applications, in addition to the basic anti-slip function, the material also has characteristics such as a high-quality appearance surface and soft touch, which can add the finishing touch to the design of anti-slip mats.

Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) provide good grip, friction, durability, fire and chemical resistance, among other properties.

As a global manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) materials and customized solutions, KRAIBURG TPE® offers a high quality range of TPE compounds for automotive interior applications.

Thermoplast® K (THERMOLAST® K) FG/SF/AP series gaining more and more interest in the Asia-Pacific market

The THERMOLAST® K FG/SF/AP series from KRAIBURG TPE® makes material solutions designed specifically for the Asia-Pacific market, offering high performance material advantages to OEMs who demand high surface appearance and quality in automotive interior design.

The compounds in this series offer good flow properties, easy processing and the ability to provide a soft-touch surface. In addition, they provide excellent exterior glossy surfaces for complex molding designs that require aesthetically pleasing processes, and have compliant emission and odor levels, making them suitable for anti-slip mat applications.

Other features of the series include good overmolding with polypropylene (PP) through the injection molding process, temperature stability up to 100°C, short processing cycles and low density.

In addition, the compounds in this series can be recycled during the manufacturing process, meeting the sustainability standards of the automotive market.

TPE success in sustainability

In addition to anti-slip mat applications, recent sustainable innovations developed by KRAIBURG TPE® include material solutions specifically for automotive, consumer and industrial applications such as post-consumer recyclables (PCR) and post-industrial recyclables (PIR).



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