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Knowledge Sharing (VI) ▏Good nylon toughening and how to choose nylon

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Nylon is a popular engineering plastic due to its high strength, toughness, and resistance to wear and chemicals. However, nylon can also be brittle and prone to cracking under certain conditions. To improve the toughness of nylon, various methods can be used:

  1. Impact modifiers: Adding impact modifiers such as elastomers can improve the toughness of nylon. These modifiers can absorb energy and prevent cracks from propagating through the material.

  2. Reinforcements: Adding glass fibers, carbon fibers, or other reinforcements can improve the stiffness and strength of nylon while also improving its toughness.

  3. Copolymers: Copolymers, which are made by combining two or more different monomers, can improve the toughness of nylon by changing its molecular structure.

When choosing nylon, consider the following factors:

    1.Application requirements: Consider the mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties that your              application requires. Nylon is available in a range of grades with different properties to meet                 various application needs.

    2.Processing requirements: Consider the processing method you will use, such as injection molding,         extrusion, or machining. Some nylons are easier to process than others.

    3.Cost: Nylons can vary in price depending on their properties and availability. Consider the cost of          the material and any processing or tooling costs when choosing a nylon for your application.


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