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Knowledge Sharing (7) ▏These four grades of nylon secondary materials are also available, have you chosen the right one?

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Following on from the last lecture, we said that another factor in nylon toughening is how to choose the right nylon raw materials, that in the nylon raw materials, it is inevitable to use secondary materials, so an important part of nylon modification is how to make good use of nylon secondary materials. For nylon secondary materials, nylon single 6 for example, can be divided into four levels.

First-grade material (divided into three categories)

☞ The first category is the recycled material of the spinning mill's drop yarn or open cut yarn, which is usually about 2.4 viscosity.

☞ The second category is the trimmings obtained from the recycling of fishing nets that have not been put into the water, this kind of viscosity is generally around 2.8.

The last category is the secondary material obtained from the recycling of nylon film trimmings, which is generally of high viscosity, above 3.0. This primary material, because it has only been processed twice, can be used in the same way as new material if the colour is not taken into account in the modification process.

Secondary material

Usually refers to the secondary material obtained from the recycling of used nets or nets that have been used for a long time, so the performance is definitely reduced, but its purity can be guaranteed and impurities are less.

It is also possible to use this material for nylon toughening, but it is important to pay attention to the stability between batches and to follow up on this.

Grade3 material

This material has more impurities and its performance decreases significantly after some processing through dyeing and finishing, so it is not recommended to use it if it is in high demand.

Grade 4 material

Generally refers to the nylon fabric or some nylon composite materials recycled a secondary material, that this material because of its relatively complex composition, and then this material is often in the nylon toughening time, you will find it is difficult to do up the performance, this time is required through some special means, that special means in the follow-up we will share again.

Therefore, learn to classify the good use of secondary materials, we can know how to make good use of, guys, you can agree with me?


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