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Downstream development of the modified plastics industry

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Because of the rapid development of the plastics industry, filling masterbatch is no longer a single application for filling materials, people through a more advanced process from the production of open and dense refining, adding inorganic materials, chemical additives and other materials after highlighting their respective characteristics and commonalities, and then using twin-screw extruder, three-screw extruder for mixing and extrusion, has become an important way and method to improve the special properties of plastic products, plastic Filling modification is the fastest growing new industry in the plastics industry in recent years.

The 8 modified plastics downstream market applications

At present, China's automotive, home appliances, communications, high-grade tools and other modified plastics demand.

Automotive industry: both to achieve lightweight, but also to meet the application requirements, and a single resin is difficult to achieve the application requirements, plastic modification has become an indispensable and important technology and materials.

Home appliance industry: At present, there are many plastic parts to replace metal parts in various home appliances, the annual demand for various plastics and the demand for modified plastics double-digit growth and increasing year by year.

Electronic and electrical industries: a variety of modified plastics in the communications industry, the application of the advantages of the prominence of the laptop shell, backplane, cell phones and other components mostly use modified plastics. Such as ABS / carbon fiber, PA / carbon fiber, PP / carbon fiber, resin / silicon micro powder and other materials, such new high-strength plastic functional materials have gradually replaced metal materials.

Machine and equipment industry: With the increasing requirements of various power tools insulation, flame retardancy, light weight, etc., plastic modification can make its function improved or enhanced, so as to achieve the product application requirements.

Railroad / military / medical / aerospace: artificial organs, artificial bone joints and high temperature resistance, aging resistance, high strength functional modified plastics have played an active role in the rapid development of science and technology in transportation, military industry, medical field and aerospace.


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