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Where do you need a compatibilizer

Time : 2023-07-06 Hits : 9

1.Initial Plastic Alloy

In order for the blend material to achieve high performance and functional impact, the compatibilizer plays a very important role in regulating and managing the micro phase structure of the alloy technology. In PP/PE, PP/PA, PA/PS, PA/ABS, ABS/PC, PBT/PA, PET/PA, PP/POE, PE/EPDM, TPE/PU, and other alloys, compatibilizers are often employed.

2. Modification of polymers

The compatibilizer is converted into a polar polymer and then combined with a polar polymer because it functions as a "bridge" between non-polar and polar polymers by acting as an active free radical molecular carboxyl group. mixing and responding to create an excellent modified blending effect.

3. Reusing plastic garbage

The problem of "white pollution" may be resolved by using compatibilizers to recycle waste plastics into new plastic alloys or new modified plastics, which is a superior and practical way for "comprehensive utilization of waste" and has significant social and business economic advantages. A special compatibilizer for recycling waste plastics, which can regenerate two or more old plastics of different types and properties, such as polyolefin plastics and engineering plastics, a 5%–10% compatibilizer is added as the interface layer between the sea phase and the island phase, the compatibilizer's bonding force and the effectiveness of polar compatibilizing groups are exerted, and a new plastic alloy or modified plastic is prepared.

Compatibilizer In PA ABS

4. Combining fillers and polymers

Also known as a macromolecular coupling agent, compatibilizer. The compatibilizer has outstanding coupling efficiency between the plastic and the filler due to the compatibility of the polymer parts, and it may be used for coupling treatments like PE/CaCO3, PE/talcum powder, PA/GF, etc.

5. Polar resins' toughening

Thermoplastic elastomer may be used as a toughening agent for PP, PE, PS, PA, and other plastics by adding a little quantity of compatibilizer. It has good softness, high elasticity, and low temperature performance. The most important "core" and "shell" compatibility of these tougheners is the compatibilizer. For instance, at a temperature of -45°C, MAH grafted EPDM toughening agent may preserve outstanding physical qualities and toughness. The standard dose is 5%-10%.

6. Enhance other plastics qualities

Compatibilizers can also be used to enhance the adhesion, antistatic, printability, and gloss of plastics.


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