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The solution to the poor heat resistance of ABS plastic

Time : 2023-07-17 Hits : 14

ABS Plastic

Although ABS plastic is a multipurpose engineering material, it has a comparatively low heat resistance. The quantity of styrene in ABS plastic has a significant impact on the heat deflection temperature. Due to the ABS molecular chain's weak adhesion when the temperature rises over the acceptable range, softening and deformation take place, which affects the stability and useful life of the material.

ABS plastic

Why should ABS plastic's heat resistance be improved?

Although ABS is strong and easily processed, its inadequate heat resistance restricts the variety of applications for which it may be used. Therefore, increasing ABS's heat resistance is essential if we want to broaden the range of applications for it.

Automotive exterior parts include front grilles, vehicle bases, painted rearview mirror door panels, wheels, etc. Automotive interior parts include dashboards, toolboxes, ashtrays, and other items; automotive exterior parts include new extrusions. Good heat resistance is necessary for coverings, baffles, gearbox covers, etc.

Application of ABS Plastics in Automobiles

thermal resistance to heat

The thermal distortion temperature of ABS plastic is 93–118°C, and after annealing, the material may be raised by approximately 10°C. ABS may be utilized in the temperature range of -40°C to 100°C and can still demonstrate some toughness at -40°C.

How can ABS plastic be made more heat resistant?

Create a mesh out of the polymer frame's molecular model to create a three-dimensional framework that prevents molecular mobility;

Include challenging to include aromatic and alicyclic structures in the molecular structure;

Add polar groups to the polymer, depending on the hydrogen-oxygen chain's attraction to the polymer to prevent the molecular structure from developing;

Utilizingheat-resistant modifiers, incorporate the crystal structure into the polymer structure for heat-resistant modification;

The stiffness and strength of the ABS plastic may be improved by adding the right quantity of reinforced filler materials, such as glass fiber, to the ABS resin. This will boost the ABS plastic's resistance to heat.


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