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The introduce of the plastic modifier specification

Time : 2023-01-06 Hits : 3

Brif introduction

In fact, plastic modification is a relatively universal concept. It refers to the plastic products that are processed and modified by filling, blending and strengthening methods on the basis of general plastics and engineering plastics to improve the properties of flame retardant, strength, impact resistance, toughness and so on.Whether through physical, chemical, mechanical and other ways to improve the original properties or improve the resin are called plastic modification.

The commonly used methods of plastic modification are as follows :1.2. Modification of morphology and structure;3. Compound modification;4. Surface modification;

Plastic modification method:

1. Filling modification: by adding a certain amount of filler in the plastic can effectively reduce the cost of plastic production, in addition, adding a special function of the nano-powder can be made into the corresponding functional masterbatch.

2. Blending modification:two or more kinds of polymer compounds with similar properties are mixed in a certain proportion to make polymer blends.

3 copolymerization modification: two or more monomers polymerization reaction to obtain a copolymer, such as ethylene + propylene = ethylene propylene rubber;Acrylonitrile + butadiene + styrene =ABS resin.


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