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Properties and uses of modified nylon PA6/66

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 13

1. Hardened nylon (hardened PA6, very hard PA66)

Main characteristics: strong impact strength in a dry, cold environment, unaffected by temperature or stress. Common uses include electric tools, sporting goods, and other parts requiring anti-collision and cold resistance.

2. Nylon reinforced with glass fiber (reinforced PA6, reinforced PA66)

High strength, high heat resistance, high wear resistance, low molding shrinkage, and simple processing are the main characteristics.

Applications for curves include electrical devices, vehicles, sporting goods, power tools, connections, and gears.

modified nylon PA material with reinforcement

3. Nylon fibers bonded with glass and minerals

High strength, high heat resistance, high hardness, consistent size, and ease of processing are the main characteristics.

Common uses include electrical appliances, cars, sporting goods, power tools, connections, and gears.

4. Mineral reinforced nylon with PA6 and PA66 filler

Good looks, great impact, heat resistance, little warpage, and minimal shrinking are the main characteristics.

Application with a curve: automotive components, electrical accessories

5. Flame-resistant nylon (flame-resistant PA6 and PA66)

Main characteristics: stable flame retardant, migration resistance, excellent mechanical and electrical properties.

nylon application(1)

Switches and electrical accessories are common uses.

6. Reinforced flame-resistant nylon, often known as reinforced PA6 and reinforced PA66.

Superior mechanical, heat-resistant, and outstanding electrical qualities are the main characteristics.

Electrical connections, relays, bobbins, sockets, switches, tuners, and transformer housings are examples of typical applications.

7. nylon that resists wear

Excellent wear resistance is the main attribute.

Gears, sliders, textile equipment, and other wear-resistant situations are typical uses.


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