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Car with plastics

Time : 2022-11-09 Hits : 5


Present situation

At present, the lightweight of automobiles has become the mainstream research and development direction of the automobile industry, which has also driven the improvement of the modified plastics industry, facing the continuous development and transformation of core technologies. It is expected that the domestic demand for modified plastics for vehicles will increase year by year in the next few years.

Our solution

Modified plastic is to change some of its characteristics on the basis of general plastic, such as: increasing the flame retardancy, strength, impact resistance, toughness, etc. of the material. Since different parts of the car have their own unique performance requirements, this has created a rapid growth in the demand for modified plastics in the automotive industry. Compatibilizers and tougheners are the most important additives in the modification aids. Whether the compatibilizers are used properly or not directly affects the performance of the material.

Coace B2 is a new pp-g-MAH (Maleic Abhydride) compatibilizer with farmland odor, less residue and TVOC properties.This material formulation is used for interior plastic door panels, trays, console brackets and instrument panels and associated interior parts.


1. Helps our customers meet in-vehicle air quality (VIAQ) standards without compromising desired surface finish, gloss, mechanical properties or density.
2. Helps customers reduce VOCs and fogging in cars by up to 50% without compromising desired mechanical properties or surface finish.
3. These formulations consistently achieve 3.0 per VDA 278, in line with global automotive OEM specifications.


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