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A leading manufacturer of polymer compatibilizers—Coace Chemical Nylon Toughening Solutions

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One of the five engineering polymers with general-purpose uses is nylon. Nylon produces a lot and has many applications. Its physical characteristics are strong, and it is resistant to wear, self-lubrication, chemicals, acid-base salt stability, oil, and solvents. It is extensively utilized in the mechanical, electronics, and transportation sectors, among others. However, because to the presence of polar groups and rapid water absorption in PA, particularly PA6, it is simple to reduce elastic modulus and strength, which has an impact on dimensional stability. The use of nylon is severely constrained by the cost.

The issue of nylon's lack of toughness is typically resolved by adding a toughening chemical, which generally improves nylon. Currently, elastomer toughening is the major method used to make nylon more durable. Non-polar elastomer molecules' limited compatibility with polar nylon molecules results in a weak interface bonding force and challenging mechanical property improvement;

Therefore, it is required to utilize grafted monomers to increase the compatibility of the two. To do this, use grafting chemical modification techniques to graft functional monomers that can chemically react with nylon molecules or have equivalent polarity to the soft polyolefin elastomer molecules. body, creating a strong interfacial layer between the nylon and the polyolefin elastomer that is evenly spread in the nylon matrix with microscopic particles. The soft polyolefin elastomer first absorbs energy, leading to cavitation and yielding, and then produces silver streaks and shear bands by interfacial transmission, using a significant amount of energy and enhancing the material's impact strength macroscopically.

Modifier For Improving Impact Resistance Of Nylon

The multifunctional maleic anhydride grafted elastomer created by melt grafting technology is frequently used as a toughening agent in modified nylon materials and as a compatibilizer in polyolefin composite materials. It can enhance the processing capabilities of nylon materials and significantly boost impact resistance, lower the material's water absorption rate, and enhance the product's dimensional stability.

Coace Chemical introduced products for various uses of PA6 and PA66, which are separated into three categories of high, medium, and low, in response to client demands for nylon modification and its own extensive expertise in the modification sector. Customer appreciation that is universal.

Coace Chemical's rich product system

Graft PP: B1, B1A, B1F, B2, B1C, B1R, B1P

PA6 Toughener: W1C-2

PA66 Toughener: W1E, W1A-1

PBT toughening agent: BDC/W5B/W5D

PC/ABS Toughener: KS-01/W5D/BDC

Wood-plastic compatibilizer: B1-2, B1A

Cable compatibilizer: W1H, W1L,

Pipe compatibilizer: W1L-1

The foundational technology of plastic modification is compatibilizer technology. 14 years of rich expertise in the field of engineering plastic modification technology belong to Coace Chemical. Global makers of modified plastics receive one-stop compatibilizer product service from this company by precisely concentrating on the diverse demands of downstream clients and meeting those needs with high-quality goods, extensive services, and strong technical R & D capabilities. Grafted PP, grafted PE, PA6 toughener, PA66 toughener, PBT toughener, PC/ABS toughener, and other products have advanced to a level where they are used extensively in a variety of industries, including wood-plastic composite materials, composite pipes, pipeline anticorrosion, and engineering plastic modification.

plastic modified factoy

Coace Chemical specializing in R&D, production, sales and service of plastic compatibilizers and toughening agents.For more than ten years, Coace Chemical has been adhering to the business philosophy of "stable quality, refinement and globalization", serving the market, the factory owns 50,000 square-meter area and nearly 100 employees, including 20 technical R&D personnel, and is equipped with eight modern extruding-pellets systems production lines, which ensure the annual capacity of ten thousand metric tons. The products cover compatibilizers, coupling agents, impact modifiers, and other functional additives. and obtained ISO9001 quality management certification, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons.

With the mission of "reshaping the new value of materials", Coace continues to invest in research and development. Up to now, ten patents of various types have been obtained.Ultra-low temperature tougheners, polyester compatibilizers, and alloy compatibilizers are widely recognized in major markets such as East Asia and the European Union. Such as China General Nuclear Power Group, Meixin Plastic Industry Group, Taiwan Heyang, Turkey ZIRVE Company, South Korea KOCH Company, etc. The products are exported to more than a dozen countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

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