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Product description

Hot melt adhesive series, mainly used for film blowing, extrusion, hot melt adhesive, solvent-soluble glue, surface treatment accelerator, etc. High grafting rate, good polarity, and excellent adhesion to metals, aluminum, and other substrates. When used as a surface treatment agent, it can improve metals, polyester, PP, PE, EVA and other materials. Improve the surface adhesion, increase the adhesion and adhesion.

Typical application

1. Film blowing, extrusion
2. Hot melt adhesive
3. Solvent-soluble glue
4. Surface treatment accelerator

Model Melt index 190℃ 2.16kgg/10min Grafting rate Characteristic
K2B 2-8 High high strength, high adhesion
K2G 15-30 High High flow, high adhesion
K2L 2-6 High Composite hot melt adhesive, hydrolysis resistance, high adhesion

The above data are typical values tested and should not be construed as specifications.
Low < 0.4 wt %, Medium 0.4 - 0.8 wt %, High > 0.8 wt %

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