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Product description

As the base material, EPDM rubber is mainly used in nylon modification. High elastic modulus, fatigue resistance and aging resistance of glue.

Typical Application

1. PA toughening and strengthening

2. PA composite filling

3. PA mixed with polypropylene and polyethylene as gold compatibilizer

Model Melting Index Grafting rate Density g/m3 Characteristic
W1P middle 0.87 Wood-Plastic composite material
W1P-2 0.1-0.6 High 0.87 Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material, adhesive resin
Product information

Maleic anhydride (MAH)-grafted ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM) compatibilizer (EPDM-g-MAH) was prepared by melt intercalation in a torque rheometer. The effects of compatibilizers on various properties of nitrile rubber/ethylene propylene diene propylene rubber (NBR/EPDM) combined with different ratios were investigated. The results show that when 10 parts of compatibilizer are used, the performance improvement of the combined rubber with a combined ratio of 8:2 is small, and the dispersion problem of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) needs to be solved when using it; the combined ratio of 6:4 The properties of the combined rubber have decreased, and the amount of compatibilizer added needs to be reduced when used; the vulcanization performance, oil resistance and compression set performance of the combined rubber with a combined ratio of 7:3 are slightly reduced, but the dispersion of the rubber The mechanical properties, thermal and oxygen aging resistance and ozone resistance have been significantly improved.

The methods of EPDM grafting MAH

In order to improve the ablation resistance of the thermal insulation layer in EPDM, maleic anhydride grafted EPDM (EPDM-gMAH) was used as the compatibilizer between the matrix and the inorganic filler. The mechanical properties and ablation resistance of the material were studied by means of tensile testing machine, multi-station-oxyacetylene ablation tester, thermogravimetric analyzer and scanning electron microscope. The test results show that: after adding EPDM-g-MAH, the line ablation rate and mass ablation rate of the thermal insulation layer material in EPDM are decreased, and with the increase of EPDM-g-MAH content, the formation of ablation rate is increased. The carbon layer is also getting denser and more uniform. On the other hand, when the mass fraction of EPDM-g-MAH is 9.5% and 14.3%, the mechanical properties of the EPDM inner thermal insulation layer material are greatly improved. Among them, when the mass fraction of EPDM-g-MAH is 14.3%, the comprehensive performance of the EPDM inner thermal insulation layer material is the best, the elongation at break is 7.8 times, which is increased by 1.191 times; the tensile strength is 6.7MPa, which is increased by 71.8%; The corrosion rate was 0.079 9mm·s-1, a decrease of 17.2%. This result will provide support for the application of more novel fillers in EPDM materials.

Scope of application

Maleic anhydride grafted ethylene-propylene-diene rubber (EPDM-g-MAH) on the properties of EPDM rubber inner insulation layer

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