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In recent years, due to the strong application orientation of plastic products, the continuous extension of new application fields will bring incremental market space for plastic parts, so the application of plastic additives is also increasing and improving. In the global trend of energy conservation and environmental protection, plastic parts with its "lightweight" characteristics gradually replace the traditional metal parts in the downstream industries such as automobiles and household appliances. So plastic modifier have been widely used

COACE® plastic modifier can used for for wire & cable are proven to maintain the bond between the different materials used in cable jacketing of high-voltage cables, including polymers, fillers and metals – all at high temperatures. This reliability is complemented by flexibility: our experienced team has the knowledge and capability to develop customized solutions that meet your precise needs (not only in electrical cable but also undersea cables).

Moisture protection in high-voltage cables

In addition to extreme heat, high-voltage cables also need to be protected against moisture and water penetration. This is where our COACE® EPDM-g-MAH adhesive resin plays a key role by bonding the cable sheaths of aluminum to the outside PE-based coating. In fact, COACE® EPDM-g-MAH serious product has been shown to continue delivering outstanding performance in these cables - even under the toughest testing conditions possible.

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