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The integration of industry and education, the torch enterprises of universities and colleges】Recorded Xiamen Torch University Hall leaders and their party visited COACE for guidance

Time : 2023-03-07 Hits : 5

On 2nd March, Li Huizhou and Liang Lu, the deputy manager and supervisor of the university-enterprise cooperation department of Xiamen Torch University Hall, Yang Hua, the deputy director of Science and Technology Research Department of Huaqiao University and Chen Hongwei from the School of Materials Science and Engineering visited COACE Chemical Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "COACE") and had an in-depth exchange and discussion with Mr. Chen Zhiguo, General Manager of COACE, and relevant leaders of the Institute on the topics of school-enterprise cooperation, integration of education and industry, and innovation and research.

Accompanied by Wu Longxie, President of COACE Research Institute, the leaders and experts visited the company's exhibition hall, heavy-duty laboratory and production workshop, and listened to the introduction of COACE's development history and technical advantages on the road of "specialization and innovation".

As a "specialized and special new" enterprise in Fujian Province and Xiamen City, COACE has rich experience and achievements in the research and development of polymer material additives and photovoltaic encapsulation film additives.

During the seminar, President Wu Long Xie discussed with the leaders and experts of OCTU about the cooperation between the university and enterprises and the technology and application of new energy battery separator materials.


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