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Take you into Coace

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Since 2013, Coace has obtained a total of 22 patents, and its products have successively passed the national, EU and US certifications. The main customers include international and domestic well-known enterprises, such as China General Nuclear Power Group, Meixin Plastic Industry Group, Taiwan Heyang, Turkey ZIRVE Company , South Korea KOCH company, etc., the products are exported to more than a dozen countries in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.


As one of the main domestic manufacturers of compatible toughening agents, we are the only company in Fujian Province engaged in this field. There are about 5 domestic companies of the same scale as our counterparts, and we are used in high-demand applications such as nylon and polyester materials. Compatibility and toughening agent, we account for about 10-15%, ranking the top 3 in the same industry, especially in the glycidyl methacrylate type of compatibility and toughening agent industry.


Polyolefin elastic joint technology maleic hydride and glycidyl methacrylate series products are one of our most advantageous products.

By the end of 2020, our polyolefin elastomer grafting maleic anhydride (applied to nylon modification) and polyolefin elastomer grafting glycidyl methacrylate (applied polyester modification), both in terms of cost-effectiveness, technology and supply chain assurance capabilities, are at the leading domestic level. The market share of similar products in China ranks the forefront of the industry.

In the next three years, we will concentrate more advantageous resources to provide customers with products with high cost performance. Its market share in the country reached more than 30%.
In the next five years, Coace Chemical Co., Ltd. will deepen the research and development cooperation with the Haixi Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the School of Materials and Engineering of Fuzhou University, and the School of Chemical Engineering of Minnan Normal University to complete the reaction extrusion process, polymerization process and blending modification. Industrialization of new technologies for compatibilizers with multi-process compatibilizers. At that time, Coace will become a domestic leading technology that has completed independent innovation.


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