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"KS-01", PA/ABS gold medal mediator

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PA/ABS alloy combines the excellent properties of both PA and ABS, and has excellent formability, low water absorption, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance.

It has been widely used in the fields of automobiles, electronic appliances, sporting goods and household appliances.

PA                                                                                                ABS

1. Excellent mechanical properties                                 1. Excellent notch toughness

2. Excellent chemical resistance                                      2. Low water absorption

3. Excellent heat resistance                                             3. Excellent dimensional stability

Advantages of PA/ABS alloy

1. Has a unique matte effect

2. It has heat resistance no less than that of PC/ABS alloy

3. Has a lower density, which can effectively reduce costs

4. Excellent processing performance


Due to the large differences in solubility parameters, polarity, and crystallinity between PA and ABS, the interface bonding strength between the PA/ABS alloy two-phase system obtained by simple mechanical blending is low, and the mechanical properties are poor. There is no practical application value.

Therefore, the key to developing PA/ABS alloy materials is "how to improve the compatibility between PA and ABS"!


                                                                   PA/ABS Gold Mediator

COACE KS-01 is a compatibilizer specially developed for PA/ABS alloy materials, providing it with an excellent coupling solution. Through the effective chemical bonding between the interfaces, the interfacial adhesion is strengthened, and the mechanical properties and hydrolytic stability of the composite materials are improved to the greatest extent.

                                                                      performance list

PA/ABS Gold Mediator

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